Daugaard talks school safety at governors meeting

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The National Governor's Association Winter Meeting is wrapping up Monday in Washington DC.

Dennis Daugaard

The group, including South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard, went to the White House Monday to meet with President Donald Trump.
The President talked about guns and safety in schools.
Governor Daugaard spoke about those issues at the meetings on Sunday.

Gov. Daugaard says, "We are talking about some different things. Some of them make sense to implement at the state levels. Certainly hardening our schools can be done, which President Trump has suggest arming teachers. In South Dakota, we do allow school sentinels to be licensed. They must go through the same training in terms of utilizing a firearm as a law enforcement person does, the exact same training."

Daugaard says when it comes to gun regulations, having different rules from state to state can be a problem.