Dance instructor collecting backpacks for the homeless

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Some of us hold our most precious belongings in our homes, but for those on the streets, everything they want has to fit in just one bag.

REFIT Revolution of Rapid City is in the process of collecting backpacks for the homeless.

Bobbi Pound is a certified dance instructor with REFIT.

She originally asked her dance students to donate a backpack, but the public is welcome to bring one as well.

REFIT Revolutionary Instructor Bobbi Pound says, "I know someone personally that does live on the streets and I know that backpacks are all they have to have personal items to carry around with them and I know that people are advertising on the radio I've heard too that the Mission needs backpacks and just to help the community."

REFIT will have a backpack drive on January 3rd at 7 P.M.

Folks can bring backpacks to 325 Omaha Street, Suite 2, and if they want, they can fill them with clothes, hygiene products, or blankets.