DAPL protesters encourage Pine Ridge youth to get involved

Published: Oct. 23, 2016 at 9:22 PM MDT
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Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline continue - and many hope to get the younger generation involved.

Some have made the trek to Cannon Ball, North Dakota from the Pine Ridge Reservation.

One group says the protest is an escape from the violence plaguing Pine Ridge.

This comes after a shooting left one victim dead on the reservation and officials say it's drug related.

Some protesters encourage more youth to join the fight against the pipeline.

Clarence Rowland, from the Pine Ridge Reservation, said "I learned to decolonize my mind and to come back to Earth. I moved out of my box home at home and I live in a teepee now. I've learned a lot here. I've learned to agree with my ways. It's a really important thing that all of out young people need to learn and do. Because we were all raised to live the wrong way."

Proponents of the pipeline say it is a cost-effective and safe way to transport oil and argue it will add 12 thousand jobs.