Customers disappointed with Custer Shopko store closing

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Last month Shopko announced the closing of 39 store locations nationwide, and its adding Chamberlain and Custer to the list.

Katrina Lim spoke with several customers in Custer who are taking the news pretty hard.

Six years ago, residents welcomed Shopko to Custer.

But in three months, this location will schedule to close its doors.

Customers like Clara Mae Hlavinka say the move will be devastating to the town.

Clara Mae Hlavinka, Shopko customer and Custer resident, says, "I feel like they're deserting us. We need this place to shop. Yes, we do go to Rapid City, but we also shop here so we feel like they're deserting us."

David Hlavinka purchases everything at Shopko from food to clothes to cleaning supplies and says it's going to cost him a lot more gas money to get what he needs.

David Hlavinka, Shopko customer and Custer resident, says, "We're going to miss our opportunities to come here and buy shoes or buy some of the things they carry and the other stores don't. This is the only real large store other than the grocery store that we have so it's going to be miles, 45 minutes any way you go to get to another Shopko."

After the business closes, the nearest Shopko would be nearly 40 miles south of Custer in Hot Springs or 44 miles north in Rapid City.

Keith Glover, Shopko customer and Custer resident, says, "Now we have to maybe go further to find the goods that we want or we go online."

Some locals hope another major department store will open to meet their shopping needs.