Custer restaurant stays a summer bucket list destination

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CUSTER, S.D. (KEVN) - With desserts as sweet as the decor, the Purple Pie Place continues to be a summer bucket list destination. The Custer hot spot is ramping up its menu for a busy summer, and there's more than just pies at this Southern Hills staple.

Kathie Yehle and her crew bake nearly 160 pies each day. (KEVN)

The doors are open, the pies are coming out of the oven and Bobkat's Purple Pies is ready for the summer season. Bob and Kathie Yehle work to keep the title "Best Pie Shop in South Dakota" each year.

"During the busy season, we will have lines out the door. Last year we had a line that went out the door, through the parking lot and down that way," said Purple Pie Place Owner Kathie Yehle.

Kathie and her team make upwards of 160 pies each morning. Some recipes came with the restaurant, but the strawberry rhubarb pie is one of her specialties.

"I wish my pie makers were here. We laugh and we joke and we have a good time," said Kathie.

The building has gone through several remodels and owners since 1981, but one thing remains the same: the bright purple colors.

"They come in to visit the hills and they'll drive past the pie shop and then get about 1 block past it and make a U-turn and come back, primarily because the kids are going, 'I want to go to that place,'" said Purple Pie Place Owner Bob Yehle.

Coming from California, the Yehle's put a coastal twist on the Custer favorite. But, the small South Dakota town has something California can never replace.

"Everybody knows everybody and that's really cool because, in California, you're so anonymous. Here, everybody knows you and everybody walks around saying 'hi, hi, hi,'" said Kathie.

Friendly faces keep the regulars coming back year after year.

"This town is a very small town. I think every kid in Custer has worked at the purple pie place one time or another," said Bob.

Pies are served by the slice, or you can grab a whole pie to go. The Purple Pie Place also offers lunch and other desserts.

It opened up for the year on May 1. It's located on Mount Rushmore Road in Custer and open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Purple Pie Place closes for the season in October.

If you want more on the restaurant or order your own pie, visit the website here.