Custer State Park is starting their new centennial off right

CUSTER STATE PARK, S.D. (KEVN) - Custer State Park gets more than one and a half million visitors a year and the most traffic is in the summer.. even though the temperatures dropped, park rangers are keeping busy during the slower months.

Animals chilling outside the park office on a beautiful morning.

Kobee Stalder works for Custer State Park.

"Right now in the wintertime everyone thinks it's slow time of the year, but it's actually pretty busy when we are preparing for tourism season," said Stalder.

Marketing is huge this time of the year, especially in 2020.

This year the park is rolling out the theme of creating new memories for the next hundred years.

The park just got done celebrating a hundred years in 2019 and now that they're in 2020, they are starting the new centennial off with some new programs.

"This year we're going to offer a lot more variety of interpretive programs," said Stalder. "Last year we offered roughly sixty-two programs a day, this year we are going to offer ninety programs a day. There's always going to be something going on in the park for somebody."

And it's not just new programs, new baby animals will be roaming the park this summer.

"This year we are hoping to have close to fifteen hundred bison so this spring, could be up to five hundred bison calves born," said Stalder. "So that's pretty exciting, that's going to be our largest in quite some time just cause we dealt with some drought and stuff and now we've got the moistures."

Opening weekend for the park will be May 15th -17th and with the increase in bison, the park recommends you keep a safe distance away when encountering the animals.