Custer City Council approves first reading of a public health emergency

Custer COVID response (KEVN)

CUSTER, S.D. (KEVN) The Custer City Council held a special meeting Thursday evening for the first reading of an ordinance that would declare a public health emergency and limit public gatherings in Custer.

The first reading of the ordinance was passed unanimously

All restaurants, food service locations, and other similar places offering food and beverage for on-site consumption would be closed to on-site customers. However, each establishment could still offer take-out, delivery, curbside service, and drive-though.

In addition, all churches, recreational facilities, public pools, health clubs, athletic facilities, theaters, and music entertainment venues would be ordered to close.

Essential businesses would remain open

Custer hopes by being proactive they can slow the spread of COVID-19 before the heart of tourism season begins.

"It is a very important effort I think to protect and maybe even shorten this pandemic if we can. Custer is primarily a tourist-based industry every day we lose in the summer makes it hard on the community," Said Corbin Herman, Custer Mayor

The Second reading will take place next Thursday and if approved the order would take effect on April 9th.

The issue would also appear on every agenda for the city council to seek to extend it or to end it.