Cool new way to treat aches and pains: Cryotherapy makes its debut in the Hills

Published: Jan. 24, 2018 at 6:54 PM MST
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It's a cool new way to treat a variety of ailments and it's here in Rapid City.

Tera Mecahley, owner of the Body Spa says, "It has incredible benefits both health wise beauty wise and for athletes and I just knew it was something we had to have in this area."

Getting into a tank where temperatures drop triple digits below zero may sound like a bad idea... but folks at the Body Spa in Rapid City say it's extremely good for you.

Mecahley says, "Cryotherapy is basically bringing the body's exposure to extreme cold in order to activate the body's natural ability to heal itself so when you get into the tank itself its going to get down to three different levels the third level will actually get down to around negative 190 degrees Fahrenheit "

Cryotherapy is a relatively new frosty sensation that is said to treat many ailments.

"People are actually using it to treat anxiety and depression and other mood disorders doctors are using it to help people to get off of their opiates or pain pills as well it can be used in post surgery to heal fo instance if someone just had knee surgery they can get in the day after and it will help them heal a lot faster" says Mecahley.

But how does getting really really cold actually help the body.

"So when you step out of the machine the body automatically thinks its gone through this big trauma that healing mechanism or that sweet spot we call it has been clicked " says Mecahley

So if freezing for your health sounds like a cool sensation .... you can try it out by making an appointment with the Body Spa.