Crazy Horse Memorial celebrates its legacy with Christmas

It's the largest in-progress mountain carving in the world, and the hands of the foundation are still working and using the space to celebrate the holidays together.

Jadwiga Ziolkowski, CEO of Crazy Horse Memorial says, "It's wonderful to be able to do it. It's a big job ahead of us, it's very humbling that people have been so helpful and just come and see and learn a little bit about Crazy Horse.

Jadwiga, the daughter of founders Korzak and Ruth, says It takes about 5 days to get Crazy Horse Memorial all set and ready to go for Christmas. She began with showing me this room built in 1947, a room still used by the family for Christmas today.

She says, "We like to share at Christmas as mother always did too with all the things that she has to show people, she was a very giving person and we like to give that too whether it's just enjoyment or thinking of the past."

So she shared with me that although the family has expanded significantly, they still makes their way to Crazy Horse to reminisce for the holidays. Keeping traditions like helping decorate the tree with tensile and gathering among all of the gifts that were given to the site and her mother and father.

Trees and valuable whatnots donated all different shapes and sizes
and as far as the mountain and the work that all began years ago, she tells me that still lives on.

"It's a legacy that we take very seriously and hope that the grandchildren will come along. Some of them are working on the mountail now, some in the studio but it's a promise that dad made the promise then standing there and we made the promise to dad and mom," Jadwiga continues.