Couple stranded on the road in a historic blizzard for 43 hours exactly 45 years ago

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RAPID CITY, S.D., (KEVN)- 20-something newly weds, Robert and Lavona Radke, were driving to Tracy MN from Sioux Falls.
It was snowing, but Robert kept driving, because he needed to go to a National Gaurd Reserve meeting on Saturday. Unable to see, Robert stopped the car by the road. After this short stop, the car couldn't start again.
They were trapped in now known as the Great Storm of 1975.
From Friday to Sunday, they sat in the car, shivered until they couldn't shiver anymore. The blizzard finally stopped. Then, they heard some noise.
"It was the guy coming out of the driveway. We said this is it, our only chance!"
Robert and Lavona were later air-lifted to a hospital in St. Paul. Their limbs were so badly damaged, their legs were amputated.

"The doctors said, you know we're going to have to amputate those arms too, and the other doctors said, let's wait a day or two, and thank God, we started having movement." Lavona Radke recalls.

Lavona got amputation under her knees, and were able to get fitted for prosthetic legs. But Robert's amputation was above knees. Doctors didn't think he could walk again.

"If my wife's gonna walk, I'm gonna walk." Robert Radke was determined. And he did it.

Robert and Lavona got back up and walked together for decades, until for health issues, Robert had to stop wearing prothetics and be in a wheel chair. Even so, they are living their life to the fullest.
And they have this to say: "All you can expect oneself is keep trying. Please don't give up."