Counts Car Show sees attendance increase despite snowstorm

On Sunday, the 19th annual Counts Car Show had an early wrap up, and cars were rolling out of the Civic Center before the snow blew in.

This weekend the Counts of the Cobblestone saw about 5,000 people come through the doors to take a gander at all kinds of cars and trucks.

The show's chairman says the bad weather cut the event a few hours short, but despite the early leave, he says they actually were up in numbers from last year.

Gary hopes all 180 cars brought back fond memories for the participants and spectators.

Car Show Chairman Gary Kreun says, "Well if they didn't get some smiles and happiness out of this they're just grumpy people. They come here to look at things and smile and a lot of people wish this is something I wish I could have or this is on my bucket list but overall you're just looking for the smiles."

The Counts of the Cobblestone will be hosting their 50th annual Rod Run from July 5th through the 8th.