Cornerstone hosts Christmas dinner for those in need

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many families in the Black Hills gathered to enjoy a Christmas meal on Monday. But for others in the area they may not have had a warm meal to enjoy if it wasn't for the kindness of volunteers.

The Cornerstone Mission hosted their annual Christmas dinner, and dozens of volunteers gave their time on this holiday to ensure everyone had the chance to enjoy a hot meal, in a warm location.

For the volunteers who came out being able to give back to those who are less fortunate means everything to them, and keeps the spirit of Christmas alive.

Curtis Steward says, "Means a lot, it mean a lot. This is the season of joy. Being able to help others brings a joy that a house or many others things in this world can't have. Our savor Jesus he's the one that gives us this joy. So being able to help these people, its a blessing."

Steward says that another rewarding experience is seeing the appreciation on the faces of those less fortunate.
Steward says, " It means a lot, I can reflect back on helping others. To see a face of a mother, or a to see the face of someone looking over a warm plate of food. It's pretty awesome."

The mission served meals from 1:30 p.m. until 3 and were also handing out warm winter clothing items to their guests.