Cornerstone Resue Mission puts on Thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate

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The Cornerstone Rescue Mission in Rapid City was helping those who less fortunate and making sure they could also enjoy a full meal for Thanksgiving.

Volunteers from the community came out to help serve up a full meal with all of the fixings to give back to those who use the mission on a daily basis.

The meal helps serve hundreds of people in the area who may not be able to afford a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on their own.

Most of the food that was served today was also donated by the Rapid City Community.

Executive Director Cornerstone Rescue Mission, Lisa Allison says, " So many people in Rapid City give to us, they donated all 40 of the turkeys we cooked, and most of the food. And our guests give to us in many, many ways its just a way of giving back and being grateful."

The mission began preparing food on Monday, and had people in at 5:30 Thursday morning to prepare for not just a Thanksgiving feast, but the other three meals they prepare on a daily basis.