Cornerstone Rescue Mission lights up Christmas for homeless

The Cornerstone Rescue Mission is a place where those without homes can lay their heads, but during Christmas, it's a bit more, a place that fills a heavy void.

Vini Dillon says, "A little depression, a little despair, it's a pretty hard struggle being alone. "

Lysa Allison, executive director for Cornerstone Rescue Mission, says "I think it can be incredibly challenging because people are away from their families and Christmas is known as a family time,

So, the mission steps in, giving those that are staying there a chance to do the things families often do. That's bake cookies, send and receive gifts and feast on a good holiday meal.

Vini Dillon says, "This place here brings the holiday spirit, especially from the kitchen and the kitchen is the heart of the home, right?"

46-year-old Will Smith of Rapid City has been staying at the mission for four months. He said he never would have thought he would be in this position.

Will Smith says, "I would always donate mainly monetary to places like this or United Way and everything and I never thought I'd be the one using it. It's quite an eye opener, you know."

Will Smith says, "I was just talking to somebody the other day how I miss watching all of the holiday movies and shows. I'm going to miss like the Grinch who stole Christmas."

For Cornerstone, they say they become much more than just a place they can stay.

Allison says, "so we become their family for the Christmas time, well actually year round."