Consignment shop contributes to National Autism Month with sale

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Pac-Rat Palace, a consignment shop in Rapid City, chose to partner with the Autism Society of the Black Hills. Shoppers were able to get their hands on three items for just two dollars Saturday.

Tables and racks had everything from electronics and clothing to shoes and house wears. Many of the items are excess things that management says can be hard to get rid of. Pac-Rat is 40 years old and is run by family, a big part of the reason they chose this cause.

"We have a family member that is living with autism. We know that the autism society is super active in the Black Hills and does a tremendous amount for the community and we were looking for an opportunity to do something to give back," said Mike Sears, co-manager at Pac-Rat Palace.

Sears says anything they can keep out of the landfill from being thrown away and into the hands of people in need, it is something they are super excited about. 100% of the proceeds from today's sale will go to the Autism Society of the Black Hills.