Community working towards North Rapid neighborhood improvement

Published: Oct. 20, 2017 at 4:53 PM MDT
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A sense of community is blooming in one North Rapid neighborhood today.

Several different organizations teamed up to place promotional flags on Black Hills Energy poles surrounding the Lemmon Avenue community garden.

It's a part of the neighborhood's revitalization project with Neighborworks Dakota Home Resources and the College Park Block Club.

Funds for today's flag project came from an AARP grant and the muscle came from community members, including the Rapid City Police Department.

The project's coordinators say by planting roots in the area; they're building a better community from the ground up.

Tracy Thacker with Neighborworks Dakota Home Resources says, "We work to make it safer. These flags are going to bring art, color, a little sense of identity for the neighbors to rally around, and that's what we're after. It's just the first visible phase of a long term resident led project."

In the future, the groups hope to have pop up businesses and play areas for kids, garden-centered activities, and Friday front porch events to bolster community discussion and engagement.