Community honors the memory of Ernie Evans and Connie Red Nest

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Wednesday night folks in the community were remembering two people who were found dead near the I-90 bridge this weekend.

People gathered at the Woyatan Lutheran Church in Rapid City in memory of 58-year-old Ernie Evans and 54-year-old Connie Red Nest.

Families, friends, and strangers honored the couple with songs and prayers.

Connie's brothers talked about how much they miss her.

Connie's older brother Edison Red Nest Jr. says, "She was nice and liked to smile a lot, just a happy person."

Connie's oldest brother Robert said when a Lakota man or woman dies in the community, it's like a ripple effect... and said hearing about his sister's death was very difficult.

Connie's oldest brother Robert Rattling Chase Red Nest says, "Wanted to cry last night, but I said there's a time and place at the grave for me to mourn and let her go. She's my baby sister. I didn't really expect that (her death) at all."

During the vigil, Cathie Harris of RV Ministry spoke out about the pop-up shelters they've been hosting for the homeless and said, "No matter what opposition I face, I will fight for you so that we don't have another memorial like this again."

These temporary shelters have been opening on cold nights to offer a place for people without homes, but some city officials say the shelters bring additional issues because of safety and alcohol concerns.