Community Resource Fair aims hopes to create stronger families and helping them prosper

For the first year, the two groups brought 66 different organizations serving youth, their families, and those living in poverty within the community.

About 300 professionals were going around to different booths and getting an idea about their services to better meet the needs of the people they are serving each day. Youth and Family Services says today's Community Resource Fair is an opportunity for people to connect beyond their normal reach and strengthen connections among those giving and receiving.

Curt Lauinger, program manager for the Stronger Family Program at YFS, says "People need to have a good connection with somebody whether it's their spouse, their kids, coworkers, somebody in their life that they really connect with. We know that the more connections children have, the more likely they are to be successful later in life. So that being said, what we have in the resource fair is alot of different ways to connect."

Lauinger says the Community Resource Fair comes after a request from people saying in years past that they would like to learn more about the people they work with. So, he says rather than wondering about what each organization does, he decided to bring all of the agencies together and hopes this event will live on.