Comments for new project needed from Devils Tower

DEVILS TOWER, Wyo. (KEVN) - Devils Tower National Monument is proposing an accessibility improvement project to address accessibility, safety, and operational issues within the main visitor use areas at Devils Tower National Monument. The Monument received nearly 500,000 visitors in 2017, with the highest concentration of visitor use occurring at the monument visitor center and along the Tower Trail, which is accessed from the visitor center.

The current design of this area does not provide adequate facilities or activities for visitors with mobility, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. It also creates congestion in the parking area, leading to conflicts between vehicles, pedestrians, and park activities. Therefore, improvements are needed to meet modern code requirements and federal accessibility standards and to reduce congestion and improve safety in the parking area.

The proposed action would consist of redesigning visitor facilities to improve accessibility from the point of arrival in a vehicle at the parking lot, up to the main Monument viewing area at the “Y” of the Tower Trail. Specifically, the NPS is proposing to rehabilitate or build the following facilities designed to meet national accessibility standards:
a new accessible segment of the Tower Trail, from the trailhead to the main viewing area at the Y, where the Tower Trail loop begins
four new visitor spaces and plazas including one at the visitor center and three along the Tower Trail.

12 new wayside exhibits along the Tower Trail and new plazas, some of which would include tactile displays new accessible restrooms
enhanced access routes and pathways to the Tower trailhead, visitor center, and climber registration office new accessible entrance to the visitor center new accessible exhibits inside the visitor center;
new crosswalks throughout the upper and lower parking areas to encourage safer pedestrian crossings additional accessible parking spaces and a vehicular drop-off area near the climber registration office; and formalization of the lower visitor center parking lot to increase flow and number of available parking spaces and reduce user conflicts in the parking lot.

You can learn about the project by reading the Environmental Assessment (EA) developed for the project. You can submit comments electronically and view the EA here. The EA will be available for public review and comment now to Dec. 16.

You may also submit written comments to:
Attn: Superintendent
Devils Tower National Monument
P.O. Box 10
Devils Tower, WY 82714