Colorado Captain cruises through Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN-TV) You probably recognize him. He's on a bike, riding in Sturgis rallying for a cause.

"I'm the Colorado Captain and what I do is I support, promote, protect, civil rights, human rights, especially children's causes across the nation," says Matt Gnojek, Colorado Captain.

Matt Gnojek started his charity, Colorado Captain, in Denver ... raising money to fight pediatric cancer.

Gnojek says, "I knew that I couldn't be this guy just driving around in a suit to make people smile it had to be worth something more than that. So if there is one thing that I am good at, its hey look at me look at me but what I want it to be is hey look at me, have you met this charity?"

But out of all the superheroes... why the Captain?

"If there's one thing Captain America would want to do, it's fight that bully called cancer," says Gnojek

His fight brought him to one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world.

"Cap across America is a charity ride that spans the Eastern United States going from Denver to New York City and back ... all with the hope of raising $10,000 that's going to go towards helping sick kids suffering from pediatric cancer and their families," says Gnojek

He takes pictures with hundreds of folks each and every day ... and hands them a card explaining his cause and giving them a way to help his fight.

"Any time you need me, now you have the Captain in your back pocket. It's all for pediatric cancer, that's why I'm here," says Gnojeck.

One of the questions people ask the most ... is why? His answer? Steve Rogers would probably do the same.

"One of his best one-liners is that the cost of freedom is high, but it is a price that we are willing to pay and all of the things that come with that freedom, especially for kids, is the freedom to live their life. I ride 365 days out of the year just like I think Captain America would because those kids don't get a day off, and neither should I," says Gnojek.