Cold weather helps some businesses while hindering others

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - As the cold arctic air passes through the Black Hills, some businesses are feeling its impact for better or worse.

We show you which businesses chill and whose sales go up as the temperatures go down.

When the temperatures drop to single digits, people sip coffee and do their homework inside cafe's like Harriet and Oak.

Kirsten Anderson, shift manager, Harriet & Oak, says, "I'd say it's positively impact our business. Even though it may kind of steer people away from leaving the house, it kind of gives people a place to come and get a hot coffee or a hot tea, a place to come and warm up, somewhere to come hang out and either work on homework or do their work."

Although some coffee shops see an increase in business during the winter, industries like construction slow down.

Josh Zerr, project manager, Rapid Exteriors, says, "It's kind of hard to say. It depends on the project. This one behind us is pretty big. It's going to take a couple of weeks. With the cold weather, it slows us down. In the summertime, we can probably have it done in two weeks. In the wintertime, it's probably going to take us three."

Employees from Rapid Exteriors say they can't work on roofs when it snows because the tiles become slippery, which further slows their progress and prevents them from moving onto the next project.

Many say they are looking forward to warmer weather.

Kirsten Anderson says, "I'm not very excited for the next couple of days. I heard it's supposed to be pretty cold out, but I get a nice place to hang out in here and stay warm so I'm alright."