Keeping your vehicle ready to go in the cold

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The cold months mean added stress on your vehicle.

With nighttime temperatures falling well below freezing, vehicles left outside are subject to the effects of the cold. That means stress on many parts under the hood if they are not properly checked and maintained.

Mechanic from Advanced Auto Repar Derek Gortmaker says, "Make sure your battery is fully charged. Most shops carry a battery testing device, even some of the parts sales places will test your battery. Make sure the state of charge is very good. Your coolant, check the antifreeze, the water, the dilution. Make sure it's good for negative temperatures so it doesn't freeze. Another thing we like to check is all the fluids in general."

It is recommended that you run your vehicle just long enough to build some heat in the fluids before taking off. Also, tire pressure falls in the cold, so be sure your tires are properly inflated.