Club for Boys makes Thanksgiving attainable for all their members

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Not every kid at the Club for Boys can afford an elaborate Thanksgiving feast.

That's why the Club staff cooked one up especially for them.

Wednesday the Club for Boys prepared 21 turkeys, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, 480 buns, and plenty of pie, corn, and cranberry salad to feed as many as 500 club members and their families.

The program director says some of the families they serve don't have a stove or might be tight on money by the end of the month, so every year, they make sure they give them a quality Thanksgiving dinner.

Carri Redmond says, "I love it. Every year is so exciting because the families come through and they're just so thankful for the meal that they're getting. You get to see them year after year. They just are really excited and some of them, like I said, it's their only Thanksgiving dinner and so we're just grateful that we're able to provide that."

Redmond says she's been with the group for 27 years, and it's definitely grown since then, adding centerpieces to the tables and of course preparing more food.