Storm drains in Rapid City "holding up well," City urges safety

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) With Rapid City seeing more rain than usual this spring and summer, there may be some concern about the reliability of the storm drains.

The City of Rapid City says its spillways and other water flow resources are in good shape. (KEVN)

The city says it conducts periodic searches to make sure there is no clutter or buildup of material within the drainage system.

It says water moving swiftly during certain periods throughout a flash flood shows that the drains are doing their job.

Through the big storm event that occurred in the middle of July, the city says the infrastructure held up quite well.

"Our system has worked quite well. Our levee system, our Canyon Lake spillway. A lot of people see that 500 cubic feet per second and they're kind of concerned is there any issue with the spillway. The spillway actually has a capacity of 14,000 square feet so no issues with the spillway," said Darrell Shoemaker, communications director for the City of Rapid City.

Shoemaker says the city will do its best to make sure nothing is blocked and keep the channels open, but also wants to remind the public, especially children, to stay clear of certain areas during inclement weather.