City of Spearfish discusses plans for multiple development projects

SPEARFISH, S.D. (KEVN) - An observable vision of growth in the City of Spearfish as it plans for multiple projects in the next couple of years to improve its community, reel in visitors, and bring them back.

"Our number one goal with the City of Spearfish and the engineering department is to make sure that we are spending our tax dollars wisely and the most efficient way possible to provide good service to the residents and business owners in Spearfish," said Adam Mcmahon, city project engineer.

One project expected to launch early Spring of 2019 is upgrading the Tinton Tank Water Distribution line. This will allow stored water from the tank to be distributed into the eastside water network more efficiently.

"That's just to help with the capacity you know what the growth that's going on in the city to try and keep up with that so we don't have problems in the future with supply," Mcmahon said.

Another project the city is looking at is revamping one of its busiest roads, Jackson Boulevard.

"Going from a four-lane to a five-lane with some raised medians in the middle for landscaping and streetscaping. We're going to improve the lighting and try to make it a more welcoming entrance into the city and try to leave a really good first impression on new visitors and entice them to come back," McMahon continued.

The two phases on the road are expected to be completed between fall 2019 and early 2020.

In addition, city engineering plans to improve the aging and deteriorating sidewalks to City Hall, get the facility's entrances ADA compliant and improve its fire station.

All of the projects are part of a five-year plan coming together with the help of consultants.

"We try to make sure that the improvements are benefiting the entire community as well as the people that are visiting our community," McMahon said.