City building permits pass $300 million as organizations expand

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - For the third year in a row Rapid City has granted more than $300 million in building permits for different companies and homes in the area.

Many of these permits are for expansions to health related organizations like Regional Health Rapid City hospital which received a $92 million permit back in January and Black Hills Surgery Center which received a $1.6 million grant this month. As of August 155 building permits were allotted for new single family homes. Many of the other permits are for renovations and expansion of places like the YMCA and Youth and Family Services.

"Yeah, our current facility we built that in 2003 and in six months we were at full capacity and we knew we needed to expand and the time is now. Our expansion is gonna expand our infant and toddler care, our preschool care, we're going to remodel the CDC area which is a child development center an put in a middle school programming which we've already talked to some middle schoolers and they've helped us design the rooms, the look, the feel. And we hope that it's going to be a good place for them to come after school," says Mike Smith, director of facilities for Youth and Family Services.

So far the city has granted more than 3 thousand permits and there is still one more month left in the year.