City Planning office hosts first ever coffee with the planners event

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Rapid City, SD It was the first ever Coffee with the City Planner event today at the City Building.

The public packed the community room at the city building all for an opportunity to speak with the City Planning department this morning.

Members of the planning department presented on various topics and allowed those in attendance to bring forward their comments and concerns.

The department saw a need for the public to have a way to voice their input on the city's development.

Ken Young, Rapid City community development director says, "We got a lot of questions about how we are moving forward with the residential development and different types of development that can occur with that, and how we plat properties and, whether or not we should look at different opportunities that might allow for increased affordable housing, different methods for doing that. Also working with the downtown area, what are the options and opportunities we have down there."

The Planning department plans to host a coffee event quarterly with the next one in February.