Citizens petition to put Barnett Arena resolution on the ballot

Last month the Rapid City Council voted to build a brand new Civic Center Barnett Arena, but one local group says the citizens should have a voice in the matter.

On Monday Citizens for Liberty was circulating multiple petitions around Rapid City to put the council's decision on the June election ballot.

Several petitioners were asking folks outside of the Pennington County Administration Building to sign their petition.

If the resolution gets placed on the ballot, a "Yes" vote means the city will proceed building the new $130 million arena and a "No" vote means they'll spend $25 million into renovating the current arena.

Tonchi Weaver with Citizens for Liberty says the people should have a say for a large scale project like this one.

Citizens for Liberty lobbyist Tonchi Weaver says, "It's a long-term generational debt. It involves a lot of money for years to come. There's consideration about whether or not this is the best route for the city to go."

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender says many older people have asked what the city will do about parking even if a new arena is built.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender says, "This is not a case where we don't have enough parking. It's a case of people wanting closer parking. So in order to provide good service to our customers, we'll have shuttling agreements with local hotels and also we'll have Civic Center shuttling from the outlying parking lots."

The petitioners have until March 20th at 5 o'clock to collect almost 21-hundred signatures from registered Rapid City voters.