Church prepares to celebrate both Black history and all other cultures

This year at Faith Temple Church, a multicultural congregation in Rapid City, they postponed their All Nations Service which is a day set aside to honor several cultures. They have replaced it with that they are calling a "PotBless," giving members a taste of flavors from all over the globe.

Bishop Carr says, "One of the most important parts of every culture is their food and so on Sunday after church we're going to be experiencing all types of food. We're going to have fry bread from our Native American brothers and sisters, pasta from our Italian brothers and sisters and obviously culture from our African American heritage."

Carr also leaves the community of all cultures with a little message.

He continues, "The Black people have helped build America and we should be proud of that. Yes we have issues, yes there's some things that we could do better but I think as a people we should be proud to be Afro-American, Black, down through the years we have been called all kind of different names but whatever you call yourself be proud of who you are."

Once again, that "PotBless" will take place following Sunday's service at 10 a.m.