Church Security Seminar takes place in Box Elder

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"It could never happen here."
A statement that many people believe, when it comes to deadly violence in the United States.
That's why Strategos International travels to churches nationwide, to teach places of worship how to protect themselves as the number of people being killed and injured keeps growing.
That's why Outreach Community Church in Box Elder and the Box Elder Police Department invited Strategos International to host a two day church security seminar.

Vice President of Church Security Ministries, Strategos International, Barry Young, says, "Since 1999, violence in American churches has gone up 2,380%."

A shocking statistic.
Behind that statistic are real people who have been killed and injured as their house of worship was turned into a place of violence.
That's why Strategos International travels to churches across the U.S. with a goal of every church to have a comprehensive security plan, including Box Elder.
The Vice President of Church Security Ministries says the biggest issue they face when it comes to churches, is that they don't think it could happen to them.

Young says, "Most American churches live in denial that we could never have a church attack. Every church, every school, every person is at risk, people aren't perfect."

Young says churches are a soft target, he says even more so than public schools, for three reasons.

Young says, "Number one, everybody's back is to the door. Number two, everybody's attention is located away from the attackers entry point and then number three, most churches take a cash offering when they come together and worship."

That's why Young says it's important to learn how to protect yourself by using the out method.
Lock out, get out, and take out, because he says calling 911 is not enough.

Young says, "If somebody comes into your church and begins to harm people or kill people, if you call 911, the average response time is four to nine minutes. We want to train churches to have a comprehensive plan that they can immediately respond to until law enforcement arrive."

And even though the City of Box Elder booked this seminar before the church shooting in Texas in early November, Young says what happened in that small Texas community, where a gunman opened fire, killing more than two dozen people is now an all to common reality.

Young says, "The Texas shooting and other attacks, if churches have training, it can be prevented and stopped."

Young says it's better to be proactive instead of reactive.
About 80 people are attending the two day seminar at the Outreach Community Church in Box Elder with someone even coming as far as Helena, Montana.