Christian bikers minister on Main Street in Sturgis

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It may not be what first pops into your mind when you think about the Sturgis Rally.
But some people say they're in Sturgis doing the lord's work.

Frank Gresham from Daytona, Florida is with the King of Glory Motorcycle Ministry and he says he's been on this Sturgis corner for the past 15 years.
His group hands of free bibles to people in downtown Sturgis and says the crowd is very receptive to their message.

Frank Gresham says, "We really just come as a message of hope. We really come to more pastor the streets that evangelism, per se. We put out signs in hopes of getting people, praying for people, whatever their needs are. So we really come kind of blanket idea of we're just here, kind of making ourselves available."

Gresham says a lot of bikers want a picture with him that they can send back to their wives, showing them that not everyone here is a heathen.