Chinese New Year kept alive through party in Deadwood

Saturday at the Deadwood History's Chinese New Year Party, children grades K-6 were doing activities such as making a Chinese Year of the Dog Good Luck ornaments and much more. Educators say the day is set out to remind people that there was a large impactful group of immigrants living in Deadwood during the late 1800s and early 1900s who were all working and raising families.

Amanda Brown, education director for Deadwood History Inc., says "There's not a whole lot of evidence of of the Chinese immigration in Deadwood left so we like to keep a little bit of it alive so I think it's important that they not only know the history of Deadwood but also get to experience those different cultures and get to experience the way other people are doing different traditions.

The kids also got to taste some Chinese cuisine for lunch to really dive into the tradition as well as participate in a red envelope ceremony to end the day.