Chemistry magic show wowed area middle school students

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN)- About 550 middle school students were invited to watch a chemistry magic show, and they really felt the chemistry-- when they saw different colors of flames, items glowing in the dark, and a liquid nitrogen cannon. Patrick Cass, a science teacher from Sturgis Williams Middle School said, his students got to see some of the theory they learned in class at work. An 8th grader from St. Thomas More said he was impressed by how the School of Mines students explain the science behind the presentation.

"We like to use our magic shows like this to show people that chemistry is not only educational but also a really fun career," said John Papiernik, a chemistry major student at School of Mines.

The show also featured some chemical phenomenon that could be found naturally in the Black Hills, showing the children that chemistry is everywhere in life.