Checking in with Jamie Zepp on the Appalachian Trail

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You probably remember our former sports director Jamie Zepp.
Jamie stepped down back in March so he could hike his way through 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail.
He began back in late march in Georgia and plans to finish in September in Maine.
We caught up with Jamie ... Who now goes by the trail name of "playmaker" Monday in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.
Zepp says, "Certainly I miss hanging out with the people. There have been some great coaches, athletes, and obviously getting to work with everybody at Black Hills FOX was always a good thing for me. But this was something i had to do for me and I feel I’m on my way to wherever it was i was headed in the first place."
Zepp's trail name is playmaker and he's creating a highlight reel that's 1,259 miles long so far
Zepp says, "Just before I left KEVN Black Hills FOX, I was weighing close to 315 pounds. That last check I was just under 240 so I’m down over 75 pounds right now. So I had to get some new clothes here not too long ago cause they were just too baggy."
But as you can imagine the grind hasn't been easy
Zepp says, "I ache every night. My feet hurt, my joints hurt. And then you get up in the morning and everything is stiff and then we you get on the trial you start to loosen up. Then you start to feel a little bit better, but the grind every day starts to wear on you a little bit mentally too. So the resilience and the grit that I’ve discovered in myself is definitely a plus. You just got to keep pushing forward. I'm sure when this is all said and done there will be plenty more revelations to come too."
The scenery is just one of the things that helps him persevere.
Zepp says, "Just gorgeous views from the top of some of these mountain. There have been some amazing views and that's definitely one of the things that keeps you driving to the next one is there's got to be a view up here ahead. There's got to be a great outcropping somewhere that you can see some beautiful scenery and there definitely is some beautiful scenery everywhere."
Zepp hit the halfway point back in late June and has about 950 miles to go.
Zepp says, "States are going to start ticking off a little bit more often too heading into New Jersey here in the next day or two. Then into New York, Connecticut, and all the way into Maine. Couldn't be happier with the way things have been going even though it certainly has it's up's and down's. But a little beat up but other than that feeling good."
We would like to wish playmaker the best of luck on the rest of this journey.