Charolais cattle all spruced up for the stock show contest

Published: Feb. 4, 2020 at 8:59 PM MST
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Buzzers, flat irons, and hair spray. These are not for people, but all for the snowy white cattle, a breed known as Charolais. They needed to look nice, because they were getting ready for a little bit of a beauty contest.

Shade Bunker is from a Wisconsin farm, J&A Charolais. She says, Charolais are a lot harder to keep clean than the darker cattle, because they are white, and they stain and get dirty easily.

Shade Bunker is only 16 years old. Her father has been coming to the Black Hills Stock Show for 20 years. This, however, was her second time at the show. "I like coming out here, it's a lot of fun, I get to see a lot of the breed representatives," Bunker says.

The cattlemen are not just here to win some titles, they are also here to advertise their stock, and court potential buyers.

"We come out here to find the commercial breeders who use these white cows a lot (to cross-breed with other cattle), and that's what makes money. The Charolais slogan is, more pounds more profits," Brandon Bertsche, the owner of Bertsche Cattle, explains the importance of the Charolais show.