Changes coming to Regional Health

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A big change is coming to Rapid City Regional Hospital.
They're turning the dining, intra-hospital transportation, environmental services and laundry operations over to an outside company, Compass One Healthcare.

Regional Hospital

They say that means the 210 Regional Health employees in those areas will all be offered new positions with Compass One, with comparable pay and benefits to what they have now with Regional.
The most visible change will be in the first-floor dining area at Rapid City Regional Hospital.
They're describing the new restaurant as more of a bistro-style eatery, including an outdoor eating area with a fire pit.

Robin Zebroski says, "Patients have been asking for us to improve specifically the dining options within our hospital, and were committed to doing so. And partnering with Compass One, they're the best in class and they know how to bring that environment and options to a health care system and we believe that will provide that best service to our patients and their families."

Zebroski says they hope to get started after February first and be finished in the spring or summer.
The plan is to then expand to Regional Health's other facilities.