Change coming to Western Dakota Tech

Students take up welding at Western Dakota Tech in Rapid City (KEVN) -
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Times are changing at Western Dakota Tech.
The school is breaking away from the Rapid City School District, which had been overseeing the technical institute.

The South Dakota Board of Technical Education voted to allow W-D-T for form its own local education agency, the first in the state.
That means the school will be run by a separate board, which can now be comprised of people from both inside and outside of Rapid City.

WDT President Dr. Ann Bolman says, "We also are going to be able to have people who have expertise in the areas of industry and technical education that we haven't been able to have necessarily on our board before. So we hope we're going to have a lot better governance expertise level for Western Dakota Tech."

Bolman says they see this as a chance to get more communities involved with the skills development that the school provides.
The president of the Rapid City School Board spoke in favor of the transition at the Board of Technical Education hearing.