Chance to see the northern lights this weekend

Published: Aug. 27, 2019 at 8:31 PM MDT
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A few days ago, a solar flare ejected from the sun, sending two solar wind streams toward Earth. The first round is expected to reach us tonight, but it is too weak for the northern lights to be visible. The second round, which is the one we will focus on in this article, is expected to reach Earth Sunday night, Sept. 1.

With the current forecast, the northern lights will be visible in our area and along a line from Portland, Cheyenne, Kansas City, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Washington D.C.

The forecast is shaping up to be perfect for viewing the aurora. Clear skies are expected and for an added bonus, we will be a few days removed from a new moon! To find out the latest sky conditions, watch Black Hills FOX News at 6 and 9, or


To have the best chance at viewing the northern lights, it is best to go outside of city limits, away from light pollution. You will want to give your eyes 15-30 minutes to adjust to the darkness and look to the north.