"Quality of life and good ole western hospitality" celebrated at 73rd Central States Fair

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Whether it's the rides, food, motorsports, or rodeo, the Central States Fair can only get bigger and better.
General Manager Ron Jeffries tells me there's a cattle show this year and the SD state arm wrestling state championship.

"We've got robocars, these cool little cars that are about 4 foot long that drive around and then all of a sudden they turn into robots so very cool and exciting. We've got an indigenous people celebration here. It's the second year of the event and we're super excited about that. Storytellers dancers, drummer, musicians, flutemakers, all type of artisans that are going to be with us. A number of things going on."

A few people were so excited they showed up hours early.

"We're always early for fun but we're always late for work," said Robin Briggs.

We asked them what they were looking forward to most this year.

"The music and the food and corn dogs and more German beer," said Tracy Rudnick.

There is no fair without food. The Central States Fair brings in nearly 20 food vendors serving up all the deep fried favorites to the snow cones from Big Dog Concessions.

"and of course, we're also home of the world famous pizza dog where we blend the pizza and the hot dog together," said Lloyd Anderson, owner of Big Dog Concessions.

All the way from Minnesota and at the fair for the fourth year, Anderson said it is the heart that keeps them coming back.

"The people are absolutely wonderful at both the rally and the Central States Fair so that keeps bringing us back. They always have good entertainment at the Central States Fair and it's just one of our favorite things to do all year round," Anderson continued.

One of the largest events in Rapid City each year, the city proclaimed Aug 17 - 26 as "Central States Fair Week."