Celebrating National Seed Swap Day at the library

Folks were asked to bring their own seeds to exchange and for the opportunity to get some tips and interact with other gardeners.

With presentations on how people can get involved with the Great Plains Native Plant Society, protecting grassland, and using red worms in vermicomposting, each presenter had a little seed to plant of their own.

Cindy Reed, President of Great Plains Native Plant Society, says "We hear so often that there's nothing out there but there really really is alot of very interesting native plants that we think should be in all of our gardens.

Linda Hasselstrom, rancher and writer from Hermosa, says "there's an incredibly complex ecosystem out here that we want to preserve and the best way to preserve it is by grazing it, by grazing animals.

Cathie Draine, master gardener, says "Spring is almost here. People are keen to be in the garden. We are keen to have them be wildly successful."

This is the second year the library has done this. They say it helps bring the community together to create productive and beautiful green spaces.