Case behind Ed Lowry's Death comes back to life on national television

On September 17 of 2015 in a parking lot on East North, investigators were left with nothing but the body of Edward Lowry.

Captain James Johns, who served as commander on the investigation in 2015, says "There was just not a lot of information to go on. There wasn't anything glaring that we could grab and run with so we knew that this one was going to be difficult."

But with a team of diligent detectives, investigators looked to security cameras for help to find out who was responsible for Lowry's murder.

"The investigation included countless hours of surveillance surrounding the perimeters of this parking lot to piece together the last few hours of Lowry's life."

Calling it a non-traditional means to solve a murder, eight months later they were able to prosecute Lowry's killers and it was that drive that would land this investigation a spot on Investigation Discovery's See No Evil in 2017.

Johns says, "They wanted to focus clearly on the detectives and I appreciated that because it was these detectives that put the case together and so they needed to be focused on."

Brendyn Medina, public information officer for RCPD says "they spent a lot of time interviewing the detectives involved in the case, really got the sense that they had gotten to know our agency very well."

After getting the approval of Lowry's family, concluding the case, and buy-in from the State's Attorney's office, they welcomed the cameras back onto the streets where the incident happened.

Those brave investigators who brought justice to such a gruesome murder will give law enforcement and Lowry's family something to remember.

Johns continues, "They are the ones that make the difference for the police department."

Medina concludes, 'They really did the case and all the work that went into the case and ultimately Ed Lowry and his family justice in just telling the story."