Candidates speak on the road to the 2018 South Dakota Gubernatorial Election

Published: Jan. 28, 2018 at 10:15 PM MST
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It may be too early to tell who will be the next governor of South Dakota, but it's never too late to see what the running candidates are thinking.

Marty Jackley serving as Attorney General of South Dakota says he sees a need for a value added ag plan, improvement in education, and workforce development. He also wants to better health care and public safety addressing drug problems within the state.

Jackley says, "I've got a very strong legislative package that's doing very well this session to address some of the dealer situations to make sure we're keeping the drugs out of South Dakota."

Congresswoman Kristi Noem says there is a lot being done right, but also many challenges the state faces that could deter a dream for people to stay and thrive.

Noem says, "the status quo isn't going to get us to where we need to go to get that opportunity. We've got rising crime rates, we've got

rising drug problems, we've got to make sure that we meet the workforce needs that we have.

Billie Sutton, serving as the only democrat in the the race says like the other candidates, he hopes to improve the economy but also with a mission to clean up corruption within the state government itself.

Sutton says, "There's just kind of become this culture of complacency or culture of corruption I think needs cleaned up so we can have a more accountable and transparent state government."

We asked each of the candidates why they should be selected to take on the role.

Sutton says, "South Dakotans deserve a state government that they can trust and they can trust that I'm going to work hard for them and that I share those values of honesty and integrity and hard work and frankly people are tired of politics as usual and I'll bring a fresh new look to state government. "

Noem says, "These governor's races tend to be about experience.I'm the only one in the race that has spent my life farming, that has started a business, that runs a restaurant, that runs an insurance agency that has been in the legislature and now I've been to D.C. and see how that federal money flows to South Dakota and how we can use that better to get people into better positions and caring for their families.

Marty Jackley says, "You've seen me fight for South Dakota everyday as your Attorney General and I'll fight for you just has hard as your governor and fight for our kids future, make sure I can do everything as a governor that brings jobs to South Dakota and make sure that I'm doing everything to keep our state safe.

South Dakota's 2018 Primary Election will be on June 5 of this year followed by the general election date scheduled for Nov. 6, 2018.