Candidates ready for Republican District 32 House primary

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There's a unique situation in the Republican House Primary in District 32 here in South Dakota.
One of the three candidates, incumbent Sean McPherson, passed away last month.
But McPherson's name will remain on the June ballot.
The South Dakota Secretary of State's office says if McPherson is one of the top two vote getters, then the Pennington County Republican Party will pick a replacement for him to go on the November ballot.

The other House incumbent, Kristin Conzet, is not running.
This is a three person race, with Scyller Borglum and Ed Randazzo both believing they deserve your vote in less than two weeks.

Borglum says, "I'm running for office because I believe I can contribute to the problem solving that needs to happen to move government forward. I think that as an engineer and as a scientist I have a unique way of approaching problems. I'm not a knee jerk or an emotional reactionary. I am somebody who has the best interest of both the state and her district at heart. and as part of my civic responsibility, I want to contribute to our citizen legislature."

Randazzo says, " I believe that after living in the district for 23 years i know it very well. I also, in my current position, I have already established relationships with legislators. I was a lobbyist last session in Pierre, lobbying for faith, family and freedom issues for Family Heritage alliance."

There are two Democratic candidates declared in District 32, Susan Kelts and Angel Staley.