Candidates for Rapid City City Council: Ward 1

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The American Family Heritage Alliance held a candidate forum Tuesday night for those looking to be elected to the Rapid City City Council and School Board. Wednesday we meet the two candidates running for the empty seat in Ward 1.

Becky Drury and Vince Vidal are running for the seat that is being vacated by Charity Doyle after she chose not to seek reelection.

Both candidates weigh in on what they feel the biggest issue facing Rapid City is.
Becky Drury says, " The biggest thing ahead of us is collective impact. Dealing with the homeless, issues downtown. And it's not just my issue or your issue its everyone's issue. "

Vince Vidal says, " Biggest issue is our budget. We did hire a budget manager now, and that's great to have him on board so that he can prioritize where the money needs to be spent first. But that's a big issue we've got to come up with the revenue to service the entire city."

Early voting begins on May 22nd Election day is June 6th. Join us Thursday to meet the 3 candidates running for a seat in ward 2.