Campers create their own world at Buffalo Chip

 Buffalo Chip campsite
Buffalo Chip campsite (KEVN)
Published: Aug. 6, 2019 at 7:22 PM MDT
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You want to spend the night at the Sturgis Rally but you don't want to come back to just a run of the mill campsite.

You don't have to.

Check out what these campers have done out at the Buffalo Chip.

This is the fourth year that four couples from Scottsbluff, Gillette, Colorado and New Mexico have gotten together to do this.

They've done an alien theme, they've done a Chip-Stock theme and this year it's an island Tiki Bar theme.

Marian Kessler says, "So us girls started collaborating and we were trying to think how we could incorporate the alien back in and it just kind of blossomed from there. We actually started assembling and constructing a month ago on all of our decorations and everything. And we just have a blast doing it. The guys, not so much. The girls, we love it."

They've got a waterfall, a volcano, palm trees and a whole lot more.

It's a big job, but they say it comes with some big rewards.

Larry Kessler says, "You"ll see them drive by and they'll just look and see and they'll point and they'll back up and they'll see something else. If you look around, there's just so much stuff to see. It takes a couple of trips by for them to catch it all. Somebody's going to fall out of a golf cart one of these days, just looking, rubbernecking their way around."

The group has won the Crazy George award and the Woody's Choice Award in the past.

They were told Tuesday morning they've won another award this year but they don't know just what yet.