Campaign money, tech school petitions submitted

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - South Dakota's House speaker has submitted thousands of signatures to qualify voter initiatives on campaign finance and state technical institutes for the 2018 ballot.

Republican Rep. Mark Mickelson said Monday that he turned in more than 19,000 signatures for the initiative that would raise tobacco taxes to improve tech school affordability. It would increase taxes on different tobacco products including a $1 hike per 20-cigarette pack.

Mickelson says he also turned in slightly over 18,000 signatures for the measure that would ban out-of-state political contributions for ballot questions.

Initiative groups hoping to go before voters next year face a crucial Monday deadline to turn in signatures to the secretary of state for review.

Initiated measures need nearly 14,000 valid signatures, and the Secretary of State's office conducts a random sampling of signatures to determine validity.