Business in Rapid City helps stress float away

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Rapid City, SD A recent trend in relieving stress and pain was brought to Rapid City in April and is seeing great success.

Luke Krueger, owner/ founder of Deep Float Therapy says, "It originally started for research purposes and I know it was used in some pretty far out ways including with astronauts"

A tank full of 11-hundred pounds of Epsom salt water may sound like a scientific experiment, but it's actually a relatively new way to relax and rejuvenate.

Krueger says, "The goal is to get in there and relax to try and get extremely deeply relaxed that's where the magic happens."

Deep Float Therapy opened its doors in Rapid City in April and has since been helping the public with many ailments.

He says, "Our members float for a variety of reasons including the meditative aspects also for acute pain and stress recovery and we also have members who float for a standalone treatment for back and shoulder pain."

The 94 degree water is somewhere between a liquid and water state and float therapy is said to have some serious benefits.

Krueger says, "During the float session however there will be a diminished amount of sensory input coming in so what that does is that your brain is always firing with keeping you upright and sensing and responding to danger cues and social cues so when all of that is shut off then the mind has a lot of extra resources for internal healing and self-awareness."

And as the need for stress relief grows... so does the popularity of float therapy.

"Absolutely is becoming more popular I mean right now in South Dakota, there are float centers in Spearfish, Rapid City, Chamberlain, Mitchell, there's three in Sioux Falls and one in Watertown." Krueger says.