Build Dakota Scholarship filling employment gaps in South Dakota

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285 students have been selected to receive the Build Dakota Scholarship for the 2017-2018 school year.
The scholarships cover tuition and fees, books, equipment and other related program expenses, so students can be debt free once they graduate from one of the state's four technical schools.

The Build Dakota Scholarship program was announced in 2014 and was created to keep students working in South Dakota in high-need areas after graduation.
Western Dakota Tech, is one of those four technical institutes.
Officials with WDT say that this is the third round of students to get the Build Dakota Scholarship and say this specific scholarship helps raise awareness of technical education and helps address our state's workforce deficiency by filling employment gaps.

Aaron Jacobs says, "We have a lot of open positions that we really need to fill and those are highly skilled areas that the technical schools are able to teach with hands-on learning, so being able to have the students come in, go to the technical schools here, learn those skills, and then get into the workforce in the State of South Dakota is going to do nothing but benefit the state and the communities in South Dakota."

In order to qualify for the scholarship you have to commit to stay in South Dakota to work in your field of study for three years following graduation.
In-state and out-of-state students can apply.
Applications for next school year open in January.