Black Hills under Red Flag Warning

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The Black Hills is under a Red Flag Warning, which means there's a chance of rapid fire growth in our area.

Because of the unseasonable temperatures, gusty winds and low humidity, unfortunately that creates the perfect recipe for fire.
That's why officials are asking the public to limit their sources of ignition.

Public Information Officer for the Keystone Fire Department, Steven Monteforte, says, "Don't throw your cigarettes out the window if you are driving. If you have any kind of open burning, campfire, anything like that, that's going to be prohibited, so just if you have any kind of hazards around your home, I would probably move them away a little bit and be a little more proactive to prevent those fires."

The Red Flag Warning will continue into Friday as well.
Officials say if we continue to stay this warm and dry, the next fire season will come much sooner than expected.