Black Hills and Badlands receives numbers for 2017

The Black Hills and Badlands index was up slightly from 2016 by 1.21% percent which may not seem like much but is a number that has been trending upward for a few years now. They say they did really well with national park visits and had an increase in taxable sales by 16 million dollars. They were down minimally in occupancy in Deadwood Gaming and Black Hills Hotel occupancy but the CEO says when it comes to Summer 2018, things are looking up.

Michelle Thomson, president at Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association, says "It's still really very early and so we look at things like consumer confidence and spending are increasing and strong right now. We know that wages are doing well and so those are things that we look at to gauge how we'll do in the upcoming summer and like is aid those things look strong so we are hopeful for a very good year."

Thomson says when looking at numbers for spring and summer, weather is a big factor. If there is a lot of snow, winter sports will stay strong but also, if the weather is nice, it drives people in for the parks and attractions as well as for Spring Break and Summer.